Yavis Club

It’s one of those night where I just craved some sweets after dinner and tonight I just crave cheesecake. The choice was between Cheesecake Factory in Granville St. and Yavis Club in Richmond. Since Yavis Club is a little closer to where I live that’s where me and boyfriend went.

When we arrive it was fairly late (around 10:30 at night) so there wasn’t a lot of people in the place. The restaurant is very modernly decorated where I thought the red accent wall is a very nice touch. Their menu has a wide selection of different cheesecakes which includes the classic cheesecake (a.k.a. New York style cheese cake) the “glacier” cheesecake (or frozen cheese cake) and mousse cheesecake category. Boyfriend and I both decided to go with the classic cheesecakes, he decided to have the green tea cheesecake, and I wanted to give the Kahlúa cappuccino cheesecake a try.

When I first tried my Kahlúa cappuccino cheesecake I couldn’t taste the Kahlúa, which was a huge disappointment. But after tasting the sauce on the side by itself I noticed the Kahlúa was actually in the sauce. Overall it was an average piece of coffee cheesecake where the cheese flavor is fairly dense and noticeable. The Kahlúa sauce definitely made the different here and i wished they had more of it on the cheese cake itself.

Boyfriend’s green tea green tea cheesecake in comparison was very green tea-y. It is surprising how the green tea flavor AND the cheese flavor both came through without competition. I thought, in comparison, the green tea cheesecake was more enjoyable. I also have to admit the decoration on the plate won me over a little bit more :). Sometimes small thing like this can win a girl over!

There is also a special where if you order a cheesecake some of the special drinks are half off, and since it’s a cold and rainy day, we both decided to get something hot to drink. Boyfriend got the coffee latte and I got the hot fresh apple honey drink. The drinks unfortunately was a disappointment. Boyfriend was the coffee latte was very very average where even Starbucks is better (and he usually doesn’t like Starbucks). The hot fresh apple honey drink was basically fresh apple in hot water with honey, I wished they could have made the apple flavor come through a little more! But I guess I should have know better when they said “fresh” apple.

The total bill comes just under $20 which I think it’s fairly pricey for just a dessert and drink order. However for a late-night place that opens until wind the morning there’s really nothing to complain about. I will come back to try more cheese cakes! (But maybe I will pass for the drinks :P)

Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe on Urbanspoon

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