Caffe Barney

Right Before I left for my week long vacation in Mayan Riviera, my mom requested that she wants to out for brunch on a Tuesday ~.~, I was initially very stuck as to where to take her. But thanks to iPhone’s Urbanspoon app, Caffe Barney was selected!

I’ve never been to this place before.The “Bar & Grill” look to the restaurant made me hesitant to go in. But since we were there, what the heck right? The restaurant was more decorated towards the “Bar” end more than the cafe end, but it still had a nice a cozy feeling to it. The bar, on the other hand, had a very impressive selection. It definitely made me want to come back another night for a drink :).

Since it was still around noon time, I still wanted something a little more breakfast-y. I went for the Chorizo sausage omelette. Mom held true to her burger craving and went for the Kobe beef burger.

First up was mom’s burger. It made me drool so much. It was served with a choice of salad or soup, and mom went for the soup. Soup of the day was chicken noodle, and it was packed with chicken, vegetables and noodles. Very very tasty! The burger was completely another story though….

By another story I mean it was one of the best burgers I’ve (or mom has) ever had! The beef was so juicy and tasty. I was definitely worth the extra buck to pay for the Kobe beef because it was such a good quality of beef. The chibata bun was perfect too- soft and chewy. There was a nice amount of condiments, and not a overpowering amount of mayo or ketchup. Mom chose to add mushrooms to the burger and it made everything even tastier.¬† This burger is also humongous (well at least for mom and I), but mom still managed to eat the entire thing! Which says a lot about how good it was.

My omelet unfortunately fades in comparison to the burger. It was very generous in proportion, and there was plenty of stuffing, but for some reason it was a bit dry. I am not sure if it’s because there is too much egg used, but I found it hard to swallow sometimes. The chirozo sausage they used in the omelet was very tasty and juicy, also there was a nice blend of vegetables in the omelet. But given how well they made the burger, I am willing to give them another try!

We will be back :D, since mom loved the burger so much that she asked for their card. I know she will be requesting for this place in the near future!

Caffé Barney on Urbanspoon

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