Dinner out at Eh! Restaurant


My mom just recently got promoted so she decided to treat my sisters and I to dinner. We went to Eh! because my mom had a $40 coupon for their restaurant.

I guess since Eh! is in partnership with a Canadian English college, they employ their students to work there. When we first arrived there, we were immediately seated at a table (my mom made reservations). Nobody came to us for about 10 minutes. Then one of their students/waitresses came to take our order but nobody has given us the menus yet. When we did finally choose what to get, she had a hard time understanding what we wanted. It was all very disorganized. She didn’t ask us about drinks until we had all ordered and one of the dishes that my sister wanted, they didn’t have, even though it was one of their main things in the menu (Mixed Grill).


We decided to get an appetizer. We got Vegetable Spring Rolls. It took them 20 minutes to bring it out though. There were originally six pieces in the plate, but my mom already ate one before I got to take a picture. It was pretty good though average for spring roll. And they probably got their chili sauce from a bottle.

My  mom got their “Today’s Special” which was shrimp and crabmeat spaghetti in pesto sauce. This was pretty good pasta. Everything was cooked perfectly and the pesto sauce was very yummy. They served the pesto sauce creamy. But this dish took them 30 minutes to bring out and that was the only dish they brought out at that time. My mom and one of my sisters ended up finishing her dish (they were hungry) even before the other dishes arrived.

45 minutes, since we got there, the other dishes finally arrived. My youngest sister got this Bacon Cheddar burger. They burnt the meat patty and tried to disguise it with cheese. My sister didn’t mind though. The fries were pretty good, better even than New York fries.

I got their Rice and Beans  Brazilian style with steak  dish. The rice and beans were very good and I finished all of it. But even though I ordered the steak medium, it was very tough and hard to eat.

My other sister ordered their Prawn and Steak dish. Now this one was a disaster. When she got the dish, the meat tasted really stale and was already bad! It tasted rancid! It was gross and dangerous. We had to send it back. When she got it back, I guess they were rushing because they didn’t have time to let the meat rest and blood was just oozing out of it. But at least it was finally edible. Everything else on the plate was good, though by the time she got it back, we were all finished eating no matter how long we delayed. And by that time the restaurant was closed. The restaurant is only open from 7am -7pm. She had to eat it all in 5 minutes.

And lastly ( I didn’t get to take a picture), my other sister ordered their Yellow Fin Tuna dish, which they forgot to take down because our server couldn’t understand us. So by the time all the food arrived, her’s wasn’t even ordered yet. When it did finally come, the tuna was raw inside and the rub and marinate they used tasted weird.

I know the restaurant is being all good and stuff, with using only sustainable natural ingredients and hiring English students, but the food was traumatic, no matter that not all of them was bad. And the service was hard due to communication issues. I wanted to give this restaurant a shot, but I don’t think any of us are coming back, specially with the bad meat!

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