Another late night dinner at Kam Do

Yes, I do seem to eat out quite late recently….. This time, me and my boyfriend went over to Kam Do in Richmond since it seems like he has never been there before and it was one of my favourite haunts. (I wonder how that happened….?)

Anyhow, since it was so late, we only ordered one of the Western style specials. Baked Seafood on rice with the Chinese style soup-of-the-day, garlic bread and premium drink. The premium drink I picked was iced honey-lemon.

The soup came first, and it was quite murky with pork bones, carrots, some green vegetable that I’m actually not quite sure what it was. It was tasty! I actually prefer the Chinese-style soups compared to the Western-style ones at Kam Do unless it is the “Russian Borscht” soup. The cream soups usually seems to be watered down, so I don’t usually like to order them. I however love “borscht” soup. It is in quotations because it’s not quite what you would be expecting if you are expecting a beef & beets soup, it’s more of a tomato based soup and drinking it brings back loads of memories since my mom used to make it for me when I was a kid.

After the soup in quick succession, the drink, garlic bread and main dish came. I completely forgot to take a picture of everything else. (Sorry!) But, I enjoyed the drink because you can really taste the honey and the honey was melted when it came. Also there was many slices of lemon, so I would make it as lemony as I wanted it to be. :) The garlic bread was nothing special, just heavily buttered with garlic. The main dish, I luckily remembered to snap a picture right when my boyfriend started to dig in! They definitely didn’t skimp on the seafood because the whole top layer was covered! We had at least two to four pieces of everything which made it easy to share. The cream sauce was really tasty as well with the melted & slightly crispy cheese. This is why I really love ordering this dish. Also, it was big enough for me and my boyfriend to share. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to finish it on my own.

Another reason why I love this restaurant is because of the bill! This whole thing was $10.45 without tax and tip. All together it was $13! Very cheap for two people sharing. Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery 金都餐廳餅店 on Urbanspoon

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