Big 6

So on a continuation on the discovery of odd breakfast/brunch places in Burnaby and New West, boyfriend and I ended up at Big 6.

Honestly when we got to the door, the 2 of us was a little anxious about walking in because this place had the word “dive” written all over it. But if they’ve been in business for as long as some said they’ve been, how bad can it be? The interior décor looks like they got lost in the 80′s and never found their way back out.

Here is the breakfast page to their menu, with prices like this, I think you really can’t go very wrong!? Too bad we got there too late, or else we could’ve ordered the special for $3.75! (sometimes that’s how much a coffee will cost you!)

First up is the coffee :). Boyfriend and I both survive on coffee before noon, and with pleasure we both thought their coffee is not too shabby!

Boyfriend’s french toast combo showed up very quickly. As you can see he likes to dump syrup over everything, and lots of it. Boyfriend is not a man with many words, because when I asked him how it is, it was the usual answer “ok.” But nonetheless the eggs were done exactly the way how he wanted it (over easy), the sausages were ok and the french toasts are the standard.

I am going through a benny phase so I went for it :). I was impressed by their bennys! The hollandaise sauce was made perfectly, the eggs were cooked just right with the yolk in the perfect consistency (creamy yet not runny, perfect for bennys!). The potatoes are a hybrid in between potato scallions and the normal hashbrowns. The proportion was general enough I didn’t even need the potato to fill me up.

Overall I am quite happy but this joint :) don’t let the exterior scare you away.

Big Six Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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