Little White Tea House High Tea

I love desserts, and I love Tea. So if you put the two together, there is high tea :). But usually the high tea in Vancouver costs such unreasonable amount, I can’t justify going very frequently. A close friend brought a solution to that, Little White Tea House (LWTH) in Fort Langley! I know, it’s in Fort Langley, but if you carpool with a couple good friend, it works out to be the same as heading downtown.

LWTH is located in the heart of Fort Langley in a little standalone house. The majority parts of the house are actually converted into a boutique shop. But in the back that’s where the magic happens. They offer high tea set for two at $28! On this particular day we went, we had a part of 7 and they definitely want to impress. Just look at the cute plates they use :)

The tea menu is hand written on a china plate and they definitely offer a wide selection. The teas are charged in addition to the high tea set. On the list, I strongly recommend the Creme de Earle Grey. You have to try it in order to believe it. After order teas and food, this is what showed up :D

I have to apologize. The above picture was taken from a previous visit, but this time I just couldn’t stop my girls from attack to food tray! Let go over what we have from the top!

From the top we have raisin scones served with davenshire cream and jam. These are excellent scone with the cream. Yes I know the cream is 90% fat, but who cares? If they make me happy then it’s worthwhile. In the background there are shortbread cookies.

The middle layer contains all the savories. There are sausage rolls, mini-quiche, egg salad croissant sandwich and finger sandwich. They for sure make sure you fill satisfied!

Look at the amount of egg salad!

The bottom layer contains all the sweets. The honorable mentions are the macarooms and mini-cupcakes.

Here is the lavender macaroon I had. I am not a fan of macaroon because usually they are either too sweet or too sticky. But with this one I find it quite enjoyable with my tea. One  of my girls even got a six pack to go!

The chocolate and raspberry cream mini-cupcake was so moist and tasty I want to buy some more home!

For the money we paid, I think this is such a great value! It’s just unfortunate Fort Langley is soooo far :(

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