Dim Sum Brunch at Kalok Seafood Restaurant

Recently, my parents really like to go out for dim sum at Kalok Seafood Restaurant. They have free tea and there is a 25% discount if you order before 11AM and then a 20% discount until 3PM. I had originally written a short review on the urbanspoon page, but since I’ve gone back so often now, I’m writing a full review!

Free tea! (Which is always a plus!) The tea leaves are nice and big as you can see from the picture. I don’t like their ti-gwun-yum (iron goddess?) tea however, because I think it tastes like grass. So far, their jasmine tea and po lei tea has been better tasting.

Shrimp Dumplings

So, where to start? I always end up ordering the basics, prawn dumpling and shiu mai (not pictured). Both of these items are bigger than at other restaurants. I find that the shrimp dumplings are just ok because the skin is a bit thick and the filling seems more like meat balls. The “regular” shiu mai is not too bad, but you can also get the “old-style” which has liver instead of the regular minced pork. It is a different type of taste for sure.

Durian Pastry

You can even get spring rolls with a liver filling rather than shrimp (not pictured)! The spring rolls have perfectly crispy skin, as long as you don’t mind liver for the filling. They do have regular spring rolls with shrimp filling if you are not up for liver.

Another cool item you could order is the Durian Pastry. I thought that this was just ok as well. The skin looks very pretty and it was crisp. There were chunks of warm durian inside.

Cantonese Sweet Crepe

A better dessert item in my opinion would be the Sweet Crepe. This crepe has peanut butter in it and peanuts and sugar sprinkled on top. The crepe portion is very chewy. It’s a total favourite with my sister and so we have to order it every time we come here!

Besides from the standard dim sum items you can order, there are also kitchen specials on the back page of the menu that are available for $6.99 each between 9AM and 3PM.

Chicken Knee

So we ended up ordering, chicken knee. My dad’s favourite! Kalok doesn’t make it as crispy or as seasoned as I like so for me, it was only ok. They do however have more meat on the chicken knees than other places which is good if you are a first time eater of chicken knees. I remember when I first ordered this with my dad at another restaurant, I nearly spat it back out because I didn’t realize that I was supposed to munch and crunch on the cartilage.

Buddha's Feast and Braised Egg Tofu in the background

To satisfy my mom and sister’s insatiable craving for all things veggies and tofu, we ordered two dishes. The Buddha’s Feast and Braised Egg Tofu. Egg tofu is not vegetarian because it does contain eggs. I thought these two dishes were yummy.

Braised Egg Tofu

Bother were very appetizing to the eye because they were so colourful! I really enjoyed the Buddha’s Feast because of the crunchy snap peas (I like crunchy foods!) and the contrast between that and the soft fried tofu puffs and chewy black fungus and bamboo shoots. The egg tofu dish was good as well because… I really like egg tofu. The outside of the tofu was slightly fried and so there was a nice contrast in texture between the outside rough skin and the inside smooth and silky tofu. The sauce was as well because it didn’t congeal when it got cold and it wasn’t too flavourful to the point where that I couldn’t taste the egg in the egg tofu any more.

Lobster congee

Another dish we ordered was a lobster congee ($16.99). I don’t think it was a whole lobster because I think we only got one claw, but the congee was subtly flavoured with ginger and it was very smooth. The individual grains of rice had pretty much completely broken down. Something I wish I could do with the congee I make at home. The lobster was sweet and the pieces were small enough that it was easy to scoop out a small bowl of congee and still have one or two pieces of lobster in it. The lobster was also cut into pieces in a way that you didn’t need any cracker and can still get to the meat without using your hands! Very convenient! :)

This time around, the service was much better. They seem to be much busier than before and so there are a lot more staff about. I think Kalok is good value for what you paid. It may not have the best dim sum items (don’t order the rice roll with crispy bean curd, it wasn’t all that great, the rice roll with fish paste & bean tips is a better choice) but it does have good items and everything is very cheap.

If you do come and try this restaurant please let me know what you thought of it too please! :)

Kalok Seafood Restaurant 加樂海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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