Quick Lunch at No.1 Beef Noodle House

Instead of bringing a lunch to work, I went out with a few co-workers to the nearby No. 1 Beef Noodle House.

They are currently having an anniversary special where you can order some items,  noodles or select meals, for $5.95 and then add $3 for deep fried squid or chicken, or other items.

I of course went for this special and I picked the sliced beef noodle for $5.95. It was very large and very oily not just due to the broth but also because of the fatty slices of beef. This bowl of noodles was very very filling, and I could barely finish it all. But… unfortunately, I was being a glutton (because I skipped breakfast >.<!) and so I also ordered a few more items.

Yep, I got the $3 salty, peppery chicken! They do give you a lot, and it was nice and warm when I got them. Nicely fried and the coating was yummy! But I didn’t stop here…

I also got a Calpis Green Tea drink ($4.25) to round everything off. It was ok, overly sweet so I probably should have tried to order it half-sweet or asked them to not put as much sugar. For those who don’t know Calpis tastes something like the yogurt drink Yakult. It’s a taste I have loved since elementary because my grandpa used to always treat me to Yakult when I visited.

Overall, the No.1 Beef Noodle House is ok, the service was decent. The drink was a bit too sweet and the beef noodle soup was super oily. I did however, really enjoy the chicken, and so did my parents when I brought my leftovers home…. I never got to see those leftovers again…. I’m not too sure how this compares to other beef noodle places but it was tasty enough for me to return again.

No.1 Beef Noodle House 京園牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon

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