Girls night out at Verace Pizzeria

After watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, me and a friend went to check out Verace Pizzeria because she had bought a meal pass from Unfortunately, it wasn’t sushi but I was super hungry and we had already made the reservations so we went.

It was very warm and cozy inside the restaurant with the focal point being the brick oven. The service was very fast, and to supplement the pass, we decided to get an extra pizza.

After we ordered, some oil was brought out. One had garlic in it and the other, chilli peppers. When we arrived, there wasn’t a lot of people in the restaurant, but soon after, it quickly filled up. I found it amusing that the kitchen staff had “That’s amore” on their shirts while the bar staff had “Mamma mia”.


Our first dish was the Salati Assorti which is basically an antipasto. It included some cured meats (3 types,1 piece each), 2 types of cheese (one was smoked) with a sweet -I am assuming- balsamic reduction on it, rosemary pizza bread, warm marinated green olives with pits, and marinated beans, capers and sliver of artichoke. I really enjoyed the green olives. They were not too sour but had a nice olive taste. The beans and capers were also good, but very salty. I wasn’t to particular with the cured meats but the cheese was interesting because one tasted  smoked and I thought that was really good with the bread.

Also coming with the antipasto, was a plate of burrata and some more bread. There was a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic reduction. The burrata was soooo good. Very creamy, and it tasted awesome with the balsamic reduction. The balsamic reduction was sweet and fruity. However, the oil had no taste so I was disappointed.

The pizza included with the pass was half Funghi and half Prosciutto e Rucola. The crust was very hard and so it was hard to cut and separate, but when I bit into it, it was nice and chewy. I guess it just doesn’t like the knife. ;) My favorite was the Funghi because it was very creamy and rich. You can really taste the mushrooms. The onions provided sweetness and the fresh oregano on top really tied everything together. The Prosciutto on the other hand, I thought was ok. I didn’t really like the prosciutto and the arugula because it was hard to separate and I just didn’t like the taste with the slightly acidic tomato base but everything else was good. The pizza overall was a bit salty because I did end up finishing a glass and a half of water just by eating two slices.

The second pizza was larger because we ordered it off the regular menu. It was the Quattro Stagioni. It was salty and probably because of the pepperoni! I really like the tomato sauce and the artichokes. Those two helped counteract all the meat on the pizza. The ham was probably an overkill and I couldn’t really taste the mushroom and the extra virgin olive oil that was sprinkled on top. I won’t order this again. It would have been good if you really like meat, but I started missing my veggies.

Our last dish was the dessert. It was a Lemoncello Layer Cake. This was sooooooo good! The lady fingers were still crunchy and the cream inbetween had a nice refreshing lemon flavour. The lemon and the raspberry really helped me feel better from the last pizza. It wasn’t too sweet, but just the right amount of sweetness. I would totally order this again!

Overall, the ambiance was cozy although it did get really loud near the end of our meal. The service was really quick and the food was ok. The appetizers and pizzas are a bit on the salty side but the pizzas looks pretty rustic from the brick oven. If you have time to check out the washroom, they have framed up labels from the flour, canned tomatoes and candy along the hallway and I thought that was pretty cool. Oh, and order the Lemoncello Layer Cake if you have the chance. It’s my favourite dish of the night! And I forgot to mention, the dining pass would have probably been good enough for two girls. There was a lot of food and I can see why my friend really loves getting those dining passes!

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