Cheap and good tasting WINGS on Sunday!

It was recently a good friend’s birthday and so to celebrate, we decided to check out WINGS in Burnaby for their 39 cent wings on Sunday. The parking lot was tiny and very full, so we ended up parking on the side streets. Because it looked very packed, I didn’t actually take a picture of the outside since I was too busy trying to put my name down so that we could get a table! Luckily my fears were somewhat unfounded because even though they were really busy, we got a seat at a reasonable time. It seemed like non-stop people coming and going.

Like most pubs, there are lots of TV’s available for those who want to catch a game. For us, we were too busy contemplating what to order! It was dimly lit inside and the noise level was very LOUD. It was hard to hear even the person sitting right besides me! Luckily, the server was quite attentive and patient with us as we try to convey our order to her (by shouting above the noise). The service was pretty good, very fast, and they didn’t ask too many questions, but our table got cleared when it needed to be cleared and drinks refilled when they got low.

So moving on to the menu! It is 39 cents per wing but everyone at the table has to order a drink, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. We decided not to order any dipping sauces seeing that most of the wings are actually wet. Also none of us attempted to eat the infamous bobby wing, apparently, you need to sign a wavier for it? My friends at the table had loads of funny stories regarding the last time they saw someone attempt to eat those wings.

So that interesting blue concoction over there was the Bobby Wing antidote. I forgot what else was in there besides from milk, but the first taste you have is of the milk. It tasted a bit like creamy (half-sugar) candy at my second sip. The server had explained that it would be really sweet, but it really wasn’t. A bit anti-climatic. The iced tea was ok, mostly ice, but it was refilled once during our feast of wings.

Round 1: (From the spear clockwise) Jakarta Heat, Bula Fiji, Maui Lime, Greek, Outback Cajun Barbeque

The favourites are the Bula Fiji, Greek and Outback Cajun Barbeque flavours.

The Jakarta Heat was a bit too spicy for me, I wasn’t able to taste anything else but heat and so it seemed like an extra spicy buffalo wing. Nothing too special. The Bula Fiji on the other hand was spicy and garlic-y. It was not overly spicy but gave a good kick to my taste-buds. I actually liked the Maui Lime because it was nice and sweet, but my table-mates thought that it was nothing special.  The Greek was very flavourful and a bit salty because of the crystals of salt that were interspersed in the seasoning. The Outback Cajun Barbeque was nice and saucy. It had a really nice classic barbeque flavour and was really good!

Round 2: (This batch was less well organized but starting from the closest and then clockwise) Sweet Thai, Texas Dry Rub, Greek, Bombay Pineapple

Favourites: Greek and Bombay Pineapple.

Sweet Thai was nothing special, it was pretty much like a sweeter and less spicy form of the Thai sweet chilli sauce for chicken that you can get at the grocery store.  The Texas Dry Rub reminded me of the seasoning you get sometimes on “seasoned” fries. The server explained that it was like a Tex-Mex seasoning. The Greek was ordered again because we couldn’t get enough in the first round. And finally the Bombay Pineapple that tasted like Tandoori chicken. I couldn’t taste the pineapple, but some other members of the table could. It was very different in taste compared to the others. Very flavourful, where the flavour really stood out and worked well with the chicken.

Overall, the wings were very moist on the inside and they were all decent sized. No micro-wings here! I really liked that the wings were drenched in the sauces because you really could get the flavour in every bite.

Even though we were pretty full at this point, having a second stomach for desserts is definitely very advantageous for girls :P. After having the guys say that they don’t want desserts because it’s a girl thing, we decided to order the Chocolate Chunk Cookie A la Mode. It was a very warm, soft, gooey cookie full of chocolate chunk goodness. The ice cream and caramel sauce was a nice foil with the creamy, sweet, cold tastes and textures. So good in fact that the boys decided to stop their ridiculous boycott of desserts and join in. It wasn’t the best dessert ever, but it really hit the spot.

Our bill for the evening wasn’t very very cheap, but it was decent. We ended up paying around $76 after tax and tip for 5 drinks, 90 wings and 1 dessert. I am for sure coming back to try the rest of that wing menu. Any suggestions or favourites that you guys may have? Please let me know in the comments! Thanks! :)

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