Celebrating with Cupcakes

So as a quick celebration to the end of a crazy week, me and a couple of classmates decided to check out Cupcakes on W. Broadway. Since it was only street pay-parking, we quickly went inside and bought some cupcakes to bring home.

Did you know that Cupcakes is by the ladies on the Cupcake Girls? There’s a giant advertisement on the box.

To share between me and my sister, I got the Lemon Kiss (top), Irish Cream (right) and Nutella (left). The best one was the Lemon Kiss. The cream cheese icing was nice and smooth and at just the right sweetness. The cupcake was moist and very yellow (food colouring!?), but good and lemony. I didn’t really like the butter-cream icings because they were either not well mixed (very crunchy) and it seemed like they were over-beated because they were not smooth. Plus there was no buttery/creamy taste. The Irish Cream cupcake was half vanilla and half chocolate but this didn’t match very well because the chocolate cake was moist but the vanilla was very dry. The Nutella cupcake tasted good overall, but again I didn’t like the icing. It really tasted like nutella though which was nice and the cupcake was all chocolate so it was very moist. There is actually quite a bit of oil in these cupcakes because the bottom of the box had what I think was oil marks.

I would probably stick with the cream cheese based icing cupcakes, unless the butter cream looks smooth next time around. It was really disappointing that the butter cream wasn’t very good. And go for other cupcakes rather than the vanilla flavour. After asking my friends about theirs, it seems like the vanilla cupcakes tend to be quite dry. The price was expensive for what you get if you are only buying 1 or 2. We split 6 between us (and I took 3 of them) and so it wasn’t as bad. Came up to be around $2.66 per cupcake.

Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

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