A not so quick lunch date at Kingspark Steak House

Got out of classes early today so I decided to drag out a friend for lunch. One of her favourite restaurants is Kingspark in Richmond. It’s located on Westminister highway across from the Richmond Public Market. Be aware that the parking is actually quite limited in this area because there are about 3 restaurants sharing the strip mall.

Kingspark is notorious for their bad (slow) service. This visit was no exception. When we first stepped foot into the restaurant, we had to wait a bit for the servers to notice us and seat us. After we sat down, we realized that there was no menus! I attempted to flag a server down, but even though I made eye contact with at least two people, no one came over! I ended up getting the menus myself, and even then the two servers I saw both saw me and didn’t help. Next, ordering was actually ok, and after the food started coming, the service was a bit better.

So the reason we came here was to order this! It’s the stir-fried rice noodle with beef and shrimp paste (or in Chinese: 蝦醬乾炒牛河). It’s my friend’s favourite dish and she thinks that Kingspark has the best one in Richmond that is also cheap. It was very flavourful and not overly salty even with the shrimp paste. The beef was very tender and did taste like beef (at some places, the beef tastes pretty tasteless). The bean sprouts still had a bit of crunch to them and the noodles were perfectly cooked.

The next thing to come was our drinks. I was so hot and thirsty I actually started drinking and nearly forgot to take a picture. I had ordered the iced mixed coffee and tea (pronounced Yuenyeung). I felt that it was a bit too weak for my liking perhaps because I ordered it cold (extra charge) and they gave it to me with a lot of ice. I could taste the sweet condensed milk and the tea component, but the coffee wasn’t really there. That being said, the drink was not overly sweet like other places, but the tea and coffee were just a bit weak.

There is also another option to have the daily soup and our choices were Russian Borscht or cream of corn soup. I chose the Russian Borscht option. This is not the same as the Borscht soup with beets. It still has a beefy component, but the main veg here is tomato. It was very tasty and had an almost spicy kick similar to Worcestershire sauce. My only complaint was that there wasn’t many chunks of meat, just chunks of fat in the soup.

This is the Baked Garoupa Florentine with rice. The sauce is similar to the baked seafood on rice that I had at Kam Do. But this had spinach (the Florentine bit) and only had 1 massive fillet of fish. It came out very hot and bubbly and the cream sauce was creamy, flavourful with just enough salt. The rice underneath was just regular fried rice with egg and there was a lot of rice. Actually, now that I think about it, I prefer this dish rather than the one I had at Kam Do. I think this was more richer, maybe because I feel that the cream was not diluted.

Both me and my friend were not able to finish this spread so we decided to eat half and take the other half home. When we asked for take-out boxes from the server, we were informed that each box is 15 cents! I was a bit surprised but what can you do? Our bill came up to be just over $22 for two entrées, two soups, two drinks and two take-out containers. I’m not too sure if I’d come here again, maybe only if my friends really really want to go. To sum it up, the food itself was great, but the service sucks and who else charges for take-out containers!? (Yes I’m a bit peeved.)

Currently looking for another place that serves a good stir-fried rice noodle with beef and shrimp paste (with better service and doesn’t charge for take-out containers). If anyone knows any, please let me know? :)

Kingspark Steak House 京士柏餐廳 on Urbanspoon

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3 thoughts on “A not so quick lunch date at Kingspark Steak House

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  2. When you say Russian “Borscht” your spelling is WRONG! In Russian, there is no “t” at the end of “Borsch”!!!

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