Rasoee – Part of my exploration for good food at UBC

So as a minor goal this year, I am hoping to find a good decent place for food at UBC that is cheap and tasty before I graduate in May. A short hop (skip and jump) across Wesbrook Mall and beyond Regent College is UBC Village. At the village, I decided to stop by Rasoee which serves Indian food.

First word of warning, it is VERY warm inside. It’s basically like a cafeteria-style place where you order at the front and find a seat. I ordered the large Butter Chicken curry bowl. It comes with rice only, if you want naan, it’s an extra charge.

You also have an option of making it mild, medium or spicy. I picked medium. I think the spiciness comes from the seasoning that they sprinkle on (see the red flecks on the rice?). The butter chicken itself wasn’t as strongly flavoured as I would have liked. I didn’t get the spiciness until I ate the rice and I felt that it may have been a bit too salty. There was also a lot of rice compared to the sauce and so it was a bit hard to eat afterwards because I find basmati rice to be more dry. A good thing however, is that the butter chicken has loads of chicken. The decorations on top also tasted good. I’m not 100% sure but I think those cucumbers and peppers were marinated. The crunchy sticks of bread (I think naan?) were awesome and I really regretted getting rice instead of the wrap which comes with naan.

The service was really quick even though there was only one person manning the counter. He was super nice and I would have talked to him longer except that I was kind of hungry! Not sure if I’d come back for the food, but I really haven’t tried their wrap yet and it seems like that is what the majority of people who come in order. Perhaps the wraps work better than the curry bowls? That will be determined later.

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2 thoughts on “Rasoee – Part of my exploration for good food at UBC

  1. I gotta stop eating in the SUB.., is this in that underground (ish) area with
    the different places to eat.. my go to spot on campus the chinese food $4.50 combo A by the pendullum restaurant lol

    • Yah me too! Rasoee isn’t downstairs in that food court, but outside besides BMO. So far, I think I like the Chinese food in the food court in the Village if you don’t get the sweet n sour pork.

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