Another quick lunch date at Pho Viet

So, part II of my lunch dates with my best friend (see part I here), we were down the strip mall that is on Westminister Highway across from Richmond Public Market at the Pho Viet Restaurant. See the menu in the images above!

Instead of getting pho, they have awesome pho by the way – one of my favourite places in town actually, we got the subs instead. These aren’t on their regular menu, but there are signs posted out front. For $3.75 each (before tax and tip) you really can’t go wrong. I ordered the Lemon grass Chicken Sub.

Sorry for the soft fuzzy effect, I was cleaning my camera but was too hungry to wait for the cleanser to dry. :D

It had a lot of cilantro in it, my friend had a bit too much for her taste. There was also cucumber and pickled/marinated carrots which round up the veg portion. The grilled lemon grass chicken was very good. Good sized piece of meat and it was pretty much all meat, no extra fat bits. The bread was a good french bread with a crunchy outer layer with a soft inner core. It was spread with either margarine or butter, not too sure and I forgot to ask. Very tasty.

My friend had ordered the Ham Sub (no picture) but it wasn’t as good as mine. It seemed to have huge thick chunks of ham and she was a bit disappointed that there was only one type of meat.

In the end, we ended up really full but next time I’ll probably stick to the pho because we were surrounded by people who ordered pho and it smelt so good! The restaurant was clean and the service was very good. The waitress came around several times to make sure we were ok. They were really busy and the parking kind of sucks (not many stalls) so it is a bit hard to get to but you should try it out if you like Vietnamese food.

Pho Viet Vietnamese Beef & Chicken Noodle Soup on Urbanspoon

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