Late-night dining at Duffin’s Donuts

Yes, I am quickly catching up on all the posts I left incomplete… Last weekend, I attended the UBC Dance Horizons and UBC A Capella‘s Y.E.S. (Year-End Show). It was awesome and I really recommend checking out both clubs if you are into singing or dancing, or like me would like to sit back and watch. Mad props to those who were on stage! I dragged out my boyfriend to this and he enjoyed it, especially the UBC A Capella groups.

Anyhow, after the show it was quite late and so to catch dinner, I decided to stop by Duffin’s Donuts on the corner of Knight St. and East 41st. It was very hard to manoeuvre into the parking lot because of all the road barriers. Luckily we quickly found parking, because there was a massive line-up inside even though it was already 10PM!

The décor looks tired and some of the tables were a bit dirty (wet with food splatters). They had a lot of pictures and sign-age up, so the line-up was actually a blessing in disguise because it allowed me and my boyfriend time to think about what to order. They have Chinese, Mexican, Donuts and general Western food such as fries, breakfast, poutine, hot dogs, etc. Quite a mix, if you feel like anything, they might have it!

So we ordered the following:

  • 1 Combo B (Fries, Torta sub, Drink)
  • 1 extra sandwich for me
  • 1 small/regular gravy
  • 3 donuts
I thought that the fries and gravy were nothing to write home about. The fries were something like Costco fries in my opinion and the gravy was kind of coagulated and very salty.
After we ordered, we got the donuts first but didn’t have to wait too long for the rest of the meal.
I couldn’t resist the donuts at all, as you can see I’ve eaten one (bwahahahaha!). I love Duffin’s Donuts, they have the right consistency for their regular donuts. My favourite is the classic Sugar Coated Donut, I ordered two of these. They are wayyy better than Tim Horton’s Old Fashioned Sugar Donuts. These are lighter and fluffier in comparison and remind me more of a cake. Also, they have a lot of sugar sprinkled on, when you bite into it, your mouth will be coated (something like a sugar moustache) and the donut will be soft and surprisingly not very oily. The Double Chocolate Donut was for my boyfriend (yes he only gets one!) because he loves chocolate. It was more dense than mine, but not too too sweet and it was very chocolatey.
So this is the side view of the Grilled Beef Torta Sub for my boyfriend. And…
this is the side view of my Teriyaki Pork Torta Sub. Yes, we had a can of Brisk Iced Tea with our meal.
Both were really good. The bread felt fresh and was a good size for my mouth. My boyfriend was slightly disappointed in his because the piece of beef wasn’t as thick as what he was expecting. Otherwise, the flavour was not too bad. My teriyaki pork was more tastier in my opinion because of the teriyaki sauce and because I think it had more fatty bits on it.
In both subs, you had lettuce, tomato, banana peppers and avocado with the meat. I really liked this combination. The avocado is great because it gives that buttery feel and the banana peppers add just the right amount of kick. The tomatoes and lettuce were a god-send because I actually really wanted salad. :)
I really love Duffin’s Donuts, but don’t have the opportunity to come by here too often. It may look a bit sketchy on the inside especially late at night, but the food is absolutely awesome. You really have to try the donuts because I think that they have the best in the city. The service is fast but the tables are not very clean. It’s basically like a food court stall (but in a whole restaurant) where you order at the front and then pick up your food when they call your number.

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