Sunny day outing in Steveston Village, Richmond with Pajo’s & Sara’s

So for Easter Monday, me, my boyfriend and my sister decided to go out to Steveston Village, letting me take a break from studying/cramming for exams.

I used to come to Steveston all the time back in high school because both me and my sister used to work in the area. A lot of things has changed recently, such as pay parking in Lot 3, causing us to go and park at Lot 1, and a new spiffy crossing at the corner of Moncton and No. 1 Road.

It’s pretty cool, and so like a giddy little kid, I decided to drag my companions straight across the intersection! We then walked North towards the water and came across the Fisherman’s Wharf. Since it was a holiday, not many boats were out and selling their catch. However, there were a lot of people along the walking along the boardwalk or eating fish and chips or ice-cream at the restaurants and shops.

This made me hungry for both, so we kept on going along the boardwalk and came across neat wooden orca. Make sure you walk around the sculpture, because there’s a surprise on the back. No picture for the back unfortunately, because I forgot to take one without people in it.

Continuing on… we checked out the new place the Crab King, which is a new floating restaurant. The crabs looked good, but unfortunately, I was the only one who wanted to eat there so we had to move on. :( Maybe next time when I have another chance to escape!

We did end up going for fish and chips at Pajo’s with a massive line up, see picture below:

They do have pretty good fish and chips and the service is quick and courteous. My only complaint is that they are pretty pricey. We ordered two large cod fish and chips with a large coleslaw salad and a medium pop and one apple juice. This came up to $38.xx!

I shared with my sister while my boyfriend got one large fish and chips all to himself. They were served in paper rolled into a cone. There are tables available with holes at each corner so that you could place the cones in and eat without spilling. Eating while walking is not advised. To bring the food to the table, they give you this plastic holder with holes, but be careful where you walk because this holder is large and I couldn’t see where I was going.

Lemon is available in a plastic container on the side of the pick up window and tartar sauces comes included with your order. Other condiments are available to the right of the pop machine and they have nearly everything you could ever want/need. I took the malt vinegar back for myself, filled a small container of Worchestershire sauce and ketchup for my sister and another one of plain ketchup for my boyfriend.

The fish was very flakey and warm which was good and bad. Good because it warmed me up but bad because it kept on breaking apart midway to my mouth. I had to work very very hard not to feed the seagulls by dropping the food! The outer coating had crunchy and soft bits, but I loved the crunchy bits best. The perfect amount of batter to fish ratio as well. Unfortunately, by the time I got to dig out the fries, they were a bit soggy. Nothing a little malt vinegar couldn’t fix, but my boyfriend was unimpressed. All of us did like the coleslaw. It had pine nuts and raisins and this helped give it more character because it added sweetness and a nutty flavour.

We did end up ordering more food than was necessary but we finished it all!
Pajo's Fish & Chips (The Steveston Wharf) on Urbanspoon

After lunch, we continued on our stroll to ease our full stomachs. We stopped at the Georgia Cannery and took pictures with the brass people sculptures outside. You could go into the Cannery for a rather interesting and inexpensive tour. But since, I’m supposed to be studying we decided just to have a quick walk around the village before sending me back to my desk. :(

Our stroll led us back onto Moncton St. where I spotted: Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream!

It was very warm when we went in the door and the owner was very nice even though she was in a rush. There was many varieties of ice-cream available and I decided on the Irish Cream Brownie that my boyfriend pointed out and the owner said was a very good imitation of Irish cream without the alcohol. It was very very good. It wasn’t too sweet and the brownie bits were marvellous! My only complaint would be that the Irish cream flavouring was not mixed in the cream portion of the ice-cream very well. It came in chunks of flavour but not in every bite. Maybe this was because the ice-cream is made in-house? No matter, it was very good and I didn’t get to take a picture of it because my boyfriend kept on attempting to finish it when I asked him to hold it for me.

Sara's Old Fashioned Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Moving on, we stopped by Big Red’s plaque. Big red was an Irish Red Setter that was nicknamed the Mayor of Steveston as per the Steveston walking guide. I really love the Town Square area (see guide) because it is really pretty and relaxing here. Besides this area is the Steveston Post Office/Museum. It’s pretty cool inside but unfortunately was closed when we walked by.

By the way, if you were wondering what is that spring onion looking thing in Big Red’s bowl (I know I was)… I think it is one of the daffodils that may have been dug up! I saw two other ones thrown on top of bushes :( They were pretty daffodils. I hope no one else disrupts the garden, it is so beautiful and peaceful there.

On the way back to the car, we walked around the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and the Steveston Community Centre and I attempted to take pictures of a flying bee to no success. I did see some beautiful flowers on trees though.

So check out the walking guide and wander about Steveston Village if you get the chance on a beautiful day. There’s tons of shops, restaurants and free quirky things to see. Pajo’s is a favourite among my friends for fish and chips and I do have to admit that I like them better than some of the other places in town. But there are more stuff around the area to eat that may be less pricey.

Also in regards to the pay parking… in my opinion, I hope there won’t be pay parking in Steveston because to reach Steveston from my house using public transit, even though I live in Richmond is not the most convenient. Especially if I’m only doing it as a mini-break from my studies. I do have to agree that it is a massive headache trying to find parking in the middle of summer on a weekend, but there are spots out there. I’ve never left Steveston just because I couldn’t find a parking spot!

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