Bread garden – Metrotown

Bread Garden is one of those places that graduately got forgotten over the years, and by chance boyfriend and I decided to drop-by one day for a coffee.

The interior is quite different from what I remember years ago. Fairly open space and fresh, with comfy chairs spaced out.

They still offer the same type of food from years ago, salads, pastas and desserts. They still have all the pastas pre-made and microwaved when an order is place. As for the dessert, I knew when I wanted before I check out their menu.

Which is the mango cheese cake :)! It still tastes the same and looks exactly the same as years ago, but for some reason I don’t find it as good as in my memory. Maybe my taste buds are more refined now ;P.

BG is one of those places that I am not sure that I will go back to, not because of how “bad” it is, but more because of how blend and non-remarking it is. Maybe in the future when they can reinvite themselves into something more remarkable, it will come back to my list of hang-out places!

Little White Tea House High Tea

I love desserts, and I love Tea. So if you put the two together, there is high tea :). But usually the high tea in Vancouver costs such unreasonable amount, I can’t justify going very frequently. A close friend brought a solution to that, Little White Tea House (LWTH) in Fort Langley! I know, it’s in Fort Langley, but if you carpool with a couple good friend, it works out to be the same as heading downtown.

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Boiling point

For those who likes stinky tofu, this is the post for you. One afternoon after work, boyfriend and I were starving and craving for some stinky tofu, so we headed down to Richmond to Boiling Point. It’s tucked away in one of the many strip malls on No.3 Road, and unless you know what you are looking for, you’ll never notice this place.

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Ebisu on Robson

After work one day, Alice, her boyfriend  and I headed downtown for the travel convention hosted by Flight Center in the Convention Center. And of course, we got really hungry after all the walking and carrying the travelogues. The time was 5pm, and we decided to head to Ebisu to make use of their happy house menu.

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Timmy’s $1 latte

A quick post on a deal my friend told me about!

I love Timmy’s, one for that they are more or less Canadian, and second for their coffee. Yes I know it’s the not the best coffee out there, but there is something very satisfying ordering a “extra large double double.”

A lot people must have notice Timmy’s effort in competing with McCafe at Macdonald’s, with their new drinks such as lattes and mochas. And here’s the perfect opportunity to give them out!

Sorry about the picture quality, but I was trying to snatch a quick shot of the poster without behaving weird. So there it is! Their flavor lattes for $1!

Go give it a try! I was not disappointed!