Cobs bread

I am a big bread person, and where it sells bread I will go. Cobs bread has been one of those places that never really failed me, and I’ve became a loyal customer ever since they opened up a location in Market Crossing.

For anyone who doesn’t know yet, they offer a loyalty program where for every $3 spent you collect 1 point, and for every 12 points you received a free loaf of choice!

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Getting my sugar fix at Butter Baked Goods

Recently, I had to run an errand which was paying for an order at Butter. Butter is a bakery on Dunbar near 27th Ave in Vancouver. I had heard of them through a friend who used their marshmallows as wedding favours, the raspberry marshmallows tasted awesome but were a bit too sweet for me. Here is a photo of the outside of the shop from across the street:

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