Sunny day outing in Steveston Village, Richmond with Pajo’s & Sara’s

So for Easter Monday, me, my boyfriend and my sister decided to go out to Steveston Village, letting me take a break from studying/cramming for exams.

I used to come to Steveston all the time back in high school because both me and my sister used to work in the area. A lot of things has changed recently, such as pay parking in Lot 3, causing us to go and park at Lot 1, and a new spiffy crossing at the corner of Moncton and No. 1 Road.

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Late-night dining at Duffin’s Donuts

Yes, I am quickly catching up on all the posts I left incomplete… Last weekend, I attended the UBC Dance Horizons and UBC A Capella‘s Y.E.S. (Year-End Show). It was awesome and I really recommend checking out both clubs if you are into singing or dancing, or like me would like to sit back and watch. Mad props to those who were on stage! I dragged out my boyfriend to this and he enjoyed it, especially the UBC A Capella groups.

Anyhow, after the show it was quite late and so to catch dinner, I decided to stop by Duffin’s Donuts on the corner of Knight St. and East 41st. It was very hard to manoeuvre into the parking lot because of all the road barriers. Luckily we quickly found parking, because there was a massive line-up inside even though it was already 10PM!

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Cheap and good tasting WINGS on Sunday!

It was recently a good friend’s birthday and so to celebrate, we decided to check out WINGS in Burnaby for their 39 cent wings on Sunday. The parking lot was tiny and very full, so we ended up parking on the side streets. Because it looked very packed, I didn’t actually take a picture of the outside since I was too busy trying to put my name down so that we could get a table! Luckily my fears were somewhat unfounded because even though they were really busy, we got a seat at a reasonable time. It seemed like non-stop people coming and going.

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Celebrating with Cupcakes

So as a quick celebration to the end of a crazy week, me and a couple of classmates decided to check out Cupcakes on W. Broadway. Since it was only street pay-parking, we quickly went inside and bought some cupcakes to bring home.

Did you know that Cupcakes is by the ladies on the Cupcake Girls? There’s a giant advertisement on the box.

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Irish Heather’s Long Table Series and 7 Sweet Sins – UBC Mini-Club outing

As part of my duties at the UBC Food Society, I organize and go to outings with a smaller group of people (usually around 10). For this latest outing, we went to Gastown to check out the Irish Heather’s Long Table Series, followed by dessert at the 7 Sweet Sins.

Gassy Jack

Gassy Jack!

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Cobs bread

I am a big bread person, and where it sells bread I will go. Cobs bread has been one of those places that never really failed me, and I’ve became a loyal customer ever since they opened up a location in Market Crossing.

For anyone who doesn’t know yet, they offer a loyalty program where for every $3 spent you collect 1 point, and for every 12 points you received a free loaf of choice!

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Getting my sugar fix at Butter Baked Goods

Recently, I had to run an errand which was paying for an order at Butter. Butter is a bakery on Dunbar near 27th Ave in Vancouver. I had heard of them through a friend who used their marshmallows as wedding favours, the raspberry marshmallows tasted awesome but were a bit too sweet for me. Here is a photo of the outside of the shop from across the street:

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