Sunny day outing in Steveston Village, Richmond with Pajo’s & Sara’s

So for Easter Monday, me, my boyfriend and my sister decided to go out to Steveston Village, letting me take a break from studying/cramming for exams.

I used to come to Steveston all the time back in high school because both me and my sister used to work in the area. A lot of things has changed recently, such as pay parking in Lot 3, causing us to go and park at Lot 1, and a new spiffy crossing at the corner of Moncton and No. 1 Road.

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Late-night dining at Duffin’s Donuts

Yes, I am quickly catching up on all the posts I left incomplete… Last weekend, I attended the UBC Dance Horizons and UBC A Capella‘s Y.E.S. (Year-End Show). It was awesome and I really recommend checking out both clubs if you are into singing or dancing, or like me would like to sit back and watch. Mad props to those who were on stage! I dragged out my boyfriend to this and he enjoyed it, especially the UBC A Capella groups.

Anyhow, after the show it was quite late and so to catch dinner, I decided to stop by Duffin’s Donuts on the corner of Knight St. and East 41st. It was very hard to¬†manoeuvre¬†into the parking lot because of all the road barriers. Luckily we quickly found parking, because there was a massive line-up inside even though it was already 10PM!

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Timmy’s $1 latte

A quick post on a deal my friend told me about!

I love Timmy’s, one for that they are more or less Canadian, and second for their coffee. Yes I know it’s the not the best coffee out there, but there is something very satisfying ordering a “extra large double double.”

A lot people must have notice Timmy’s effort in competing with McCafe at Macdonald’s, with their new drinks such as lattes and mochas. And here’s the perfect opportunity to give them out!

Sorry about the picture quality, but I was trying to snatch a quick shot of the poster without behaving weird. So there it is! Their flavor lattes for $1!

Go give it a try! I was not disappointed!

L.A. Chicken

I love fried chicken! So when a friend of mine mentioned L.A. Chicken, I was very curious. L.A. Chicken is one of those places that looks run down/hole in the wall/highly suspicious places that I have never tried even though I’ve lived in Richmond for years… I completely forgot to take a picture of the outside, but it is fairly easy to find. It is located on No. 5 Rd, just south of Cambie Rd. And they have good fried chicken!

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