I <3 Tuesdays and $1 pizzas!

Tuesdays because I only have 1 class and pizzas well… that’s sort of self explanatory. Anyhow! On Tuesdays, there are $1 (+tax) pizza slices at FreshSlice Pizza, and lucky for me there’s one branch at the Village at UBC. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the outside because there was such a line up! (I felt shy..)

Even though there was long line outside, it moves very fast. The staff are very organized and very fast. My only real complaint is that there is no where to sit and it is freezing outside. I got three pizzas, but only managed to take a picture of 1 and a half because I was hungry and cold.

I personally like the pesto pizza which is why it isn’t pictured (eaten!), but it really is more like a glorified cheese pizza. But the other two that I tried today, a vegetarian one with olives, tomatoes, onions and feta cheese and a meat one with mushrooms and sausage were also equally good. The veggie one because the feta cheese gave it a more interesting flavour and the meat one because the sausage was yummy! The pizza slices from FreshSlice are wide but thin, so if you are hungry, definitely get more than one!

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Quick lunch near UBC – Gold Train Express II

Lunches at UBC have been a hit and miss so far so I decided to drag out a classmate off campus for a quick lunch. We had been talking about getting pho for so long that it was an obvious choice when it’s only 1 stop away from UBC Village on the 99. Gold Train Express II is not really known by this name because it is so hard to see. I had known this place as being called the beef noodle soup lovers. 

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Timmy’s $1 latte

A quick post on a deal my friend told me about!

I love Timmy’s, one for that they are more or less Canadian, and second for their coffee. Yes I know it’s the not the best coffee out there, but there is something very satisfying ordering a “extra large double double.”

A lot people must have notice Timmy’s effort in competing with McCafe at Macdonald’s, with their new drinks such as lattes and mochas. And here’s the perfect opportunity to give them out!

Sorry about the picture quality, but I was trying to snatch a quick shot of the poster without behaving weird. So there it is! Their flavor lattes for $1!

Go give it a try! I was not disappointed!

Rainy and cold weather is perfect for Pho Hong

While visiting my boyfriend’s place recently, I decided to drag him out for dinner. Noodle soups are perfect on a cold and rainy day and so we went to one of his favourite restaurants: Pho Hong. The branch we visited was the Pho Hong located on Kingsway and Waltham Ave in Burnaby.

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L.A. Chicken

I love fried chicken! So when a friend of mine mentioned L.A. Chicken, I was very curious. L.A. Chicken is one of those places that looks run down/hole in the wall/highly suspicious places that I have never tried even though I’ve lived in Richmond for years… I completely forgot to take a picture of the outside, but it is fairly easy to find. It is located on No. 5 Rd, just south of Cambie Rd. And they have good fried chicken!

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