A not so quick lunch date at Kingspark Steak House

Got out of classes early today so I decided to drag out a friend for lunch. One of her favourite restaurants is Kingspark in Richmond. It’s located on Westminister highway across from the Richmond Public Market. Be aware that the parking is actually quite limited in this area because there are about 3 restaurants sharing the strip mall.

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Timmy’s $1 latte

A quick post on a deal my friend told me about!

I love Timmy’s, one for that they are more or less Canadian, and second for their coffee. Yes I know it’s the not the best coffee out there, but there is something very satisfying ordering a “extra large double double.”

A lot people must have notice Timmy’s effort in competing with McCafe at Macdonald’s, with their new drinks such as lattes and mochas. And here’s the perfect opportunity to give them out!

Sorry about the picture quality, but I was trying to snatch a quick shot of the poster without behaving weird. So there it is! Their flavor lattes for $1!

Go give it a try! I was not disappointed!

Coming home cafe

From time to time when I am off, I will drag boyfriend out to breakfast before he heads to work, and this is one of those mornings. Thanks again to my Urbanspoon iPhone app, Coming Home Cafe was the “shaken” choice!

As soon as we walked into the restaurant we noticed the huge blackboard that takes up an entire wall.

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Yavis Club

It’s one of those night where I just craved some sweets after dinner and tonight I just crave cheesecake. The choice was between Cheesecake Factory in Granville St. and Yavis Club in Richmond. Since Yavis Club is a little closer to where I live that’s where me and boyfriend went.

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