Late-night dining at Duffin’s Donuts

Yes, I am quickly catching up on all the posts I left incomplete… Last weekend, I attended the UBC Dance Horizons and UBC A Capella‘s Y.E.S. (Year-End Show). It was awesome and I really recommend checking out both clubs if you are into singing or dancing, or like me would like to sit back and watch. Mad props to those who were on stage! I dragged out my boyfriend to this and he enjoyed it, especially the UBC A Capella groups.

Anyhow, after the show it was quite late and so to catch dinner, I decided to stop by Duffin’s Donuts on the corner of Knight St. and East 41st. It was very hard to¬†manoeuvre¬†into the parking lot because of all the road barriers. Luckily we quickly found parking, because there was a massive line-up inside even though it was already 10PM!

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